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Kensington security company able to provide you with a bespoke office security solution for your office building or construction site. Please understand the your empty building is open to all types of groups searching for properties like yours to take advantage of for personal gain, unfortunately sometimes their activites are undetected for long periods of time, and leave you, with a large bill as if the councils tax in Kensington is not a cost enough, we offer a sensible approach to securing your premises out of hours or 24 Hrs a day

Our Holborn office security guards can be used in the most situations, it can be used as a short or long term solution – and is fully featured, we carefully monitor and managed the security services that we are providing to ensure you are receiving the best service.

For long term empty property alarm solution is our most cost effective estate security service in Holborn, we service many commercial business and our service and can be combined with other vacant property solutions call us on 0800 242 5113, to see how cost effect the service is.

We install often at short notice, steel screens and doors, to often visible protection and make it difficult for intruders to enter, our steel screens are available on a purchase or hire basis.

Manned security guards for Kensington properties are a popular but more expensive choice, best suited if you have contractors attending your site, as they can also provide access control. Call us 0800 242 5113 and ask about our guard dog service for empty properties and buildings we cover the Holborn area and can provide you with a high f secuirty ‌in a short period of time.

Quick Sameday Alarm Service

Our office security service.
1. Uniformed Security Officer
2. Reception Security Guards
3. Security Guard Dogs
4. Night Security Staff
5. Copper Theft

With different service, we are sure to have a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Call us on 0800 242 5113 for a quick service.

Sameday Alarm Installation and Setup

Our Temporary Alarms System Can Be Installed Within Hours Of Us Arriving At Your Building

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Security Guard Service

We provide security guards for your office, warehouse of construction building site, all of our security guards are managed and monitored by our management team. Our security guards are uniformed and professional, we provide continuous training for our guards so you can be sure that you are recieving the best service. All our guards are licensed by the SIA and we provide a security guard and dog service, call us on 0800 242 5113 to find out over the phone how to get security for your property

  • Most of our security guards work alone and we actively monitor their safety using our bespoke lone work worker system,

  • Two Way Communications, our security guards are reguarly in touch with our control room, providing support when required

  • For large properties we can supply a security alarm system, which enables one security guard to protect a much larger area.

  • We can supply security personnel at short notice, which is helpful if you have just had a break-in or if you need security in a hurry.

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The Best Solutions for Office Security Guards

We Can Advise You On Your Options and Arrange Sameday Security When Required

Void Property Alarm Benefits

One Call Policy

We can organise your vacant property security with one phone call. We have simplified the entire process and take care of all necessary aspects easily


We can act as your keyholders, which is necessary if you live far from the property you want protected.

Unlimited Callouts

If you have a confirmed activation, we will send SIA security guards, to secure your premises, there is no extra charge for this, regardless how many times.

Install, Monitoring and Maintenance

We install, monitor and maintain your vacant property alarm system, as well as carry out regular external and internal patrols, as part of the service, to ensure any problems in your building don't go undetected.

Security Signage

As will as providing a working external and internal sirens and strobes, we provide security signage around your site, alerting all of the presence of a security company

Managed Service

We completely manage your service, no calls for you at 3am in the morning, we can even arm and disarm your alarm remotely for you, and provide supervised visits at short notice.

To Get A Complete Empty Property Alarm Service For Your Building Call 0800 242 5113

We offer a complete range of empty property security solutions that can not just our vacant property alarm solution. We can also provide security guard dogs for high risk scenarios and both steel and wooden screening.

Kensington Vacant Property Security Services

If your business in based in central London, we cover Kensington, Central London and surrounding areas, including Mayfair are going through a change with many developments taking place, it is attractive swarms of people coming to Kensington and London Central, for all sorts of reason, and sadly not all of them good. Protect your property now, we have many solutions we can put in place to save you the time, money, stress and the pain when someone takes advantage of your empty property.

Both Steel and wooden screening are good solutions for longer term empty properties, these can be good options when used in conjunction with an alarm system, as both the wooden and steel screens can make entrance much harder but they can be compromised.

If you would like us to conduct a risk assessment, we are able to present the solutions to you in a report together with recommendation, with advantages, disadvantages and of course cost benefits.

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Residential and Construction Security Alarms

Estate Security


Vacant Commercial properties VPS, vacant property solutions include industrial estates, our external camera can detect and alarm before intruders even enter the property.

Construction Security Alarms


Our alarms are a perfect solution and alternative to manned guarding, we can protect your building site, before anyone even gets into the building.

Residential Security Alarms


If you have a residential property that is going to be vacant for a short or long period of time, our temporary alarms can provide security without any damage to you property at all

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Over the years we have worked for many large and small companies and individuals like yourself, including

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Empty Building Security

We can cover your empty building and secure it with a full featured alarm system for a low weekly fee - don't take any chances